Welcome to Team Knocknock – just knock the door and be open for a journey!

Al. Solidarnosci 82a m.5, Warsaw-Poland

Tunç Meriç

Director & Founder


This is Tunç Meriç. I am the founder of Team Knocknock. Our company journey starts with the ideas that I was working on since my university times. Platform ideas born within the people around me; trustful, talented and experienced people.

We start this journey with several people, on the way we succeed some projects, we create different ideas. Currently dream about our startup “knocknock.pl” will be available. Our current team capable to lead any project as they believe the projects as I believe.

I welcome you to reach us, ask any question or help about your business. On top just talk about the nowadays trends, you are more than welcome too! 🙂

Basically, Tunc Meric is a person who lives in Poland, believing the value adding is very important to world. My experience might not be super high! Only thing I know about myself is we are still student of the life and learn with the wind.

That is why – opportunity knocks but once… so I ask you to use your chance while you catch one.


Tunc Meric