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Press Writing

Whether we call it a “press release,” a “press statement,” a “news release,” or a “media release,” we’re always talking about the same basic thing.

Press releases are a fantastic tool to inform the market of what is going on in your company. Press releases can inform users of recent website improvements, security updates, feature additions, policy changes, recruitment announcements, and even management changes.

The press release is therefore of great significance. It has the potential to be one of the most powerful marketing tools available to a company when used properly.

Here is where we step in. At Team Knocknock:

We have the tools necessary to write flawless press release copies that are customized for each company, and we have the tools necessary to distribute them. Our writing staff is skilled in writing press release copy that makes a big effect.

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Temmuz 12, 2017


Press Release (PR) & Media Consultancy