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In order to appear higher in search results, businesses that use Google Maps marketing put pertinent information in their Google My Business profiles, such as service hours and client reviews. An increase in business visibility and income is a direct outcome of ranking higher in search results.

Given that Google Maps is six times more popular than other navigation programs, you are not alone in your preference for it. You must optimize your company for Google Maps search results given its importance.

The fundamentals of Google Maps marketing, best practices for Google My Business search engine optimization, and marketing strategies you may use to boost local SEO are all covered in this post.

A sample Local 3-Pack for a restaurant search in Cambridge, Massachusetts is shown in the figure below. Based on the search query and the location of the search, Google determines that these three businesses are the most relevant.


Consider it this way:

If your Google Maps marketing strategy emphasizes improving your Google My Business profile for search results, Google will take note of this and display your business in the Local 3-Pack for relevant queries relating to your business. This improves visibility and raises the possibility that customers will visit your business and make a purchase.


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July 14, 2017


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