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Al. Solidarnosci 82a m.5, Warsaw-Poland

Orkun Durmaz

Chief Technical Officer & Co-owner

I am a dedicated learner and admirer of computer programming in all aspects. I have studied Bachelor of Software Engineering and I had worked in various fields and positions, including international trades as a manager. I had experience of working under time-pressure and stress successfully. I have confidence in my communication, managing and problem solving skills. Living in different countries and having some long stays in many others helped me to develop better qualities.

I enjoy working with JavaScript on any framework very much, although my specialty is on MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js).

Aside from my career, I enjoy reading about history, popular science, fiction and also jamming with different bands as a guitarist and singer. I have a keen interest in languages. I like traveling for business and vacation. With experience in various fields of business and cultures, I believe I can bring sophistication and efficiency to any workgroup.