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Leave Your Mark in the Digitalized World

A significant proportion of the population in the world uses the Internet and remains connected to the Internet for a large part of their daily life. Statistics obtained when examining online shopping sites, social media platforms or other websites point to the digitalizing side of the world. Millions of logins are made to the video sharing platform YouTube every day, and more than a hundred million users watch TV series and movies for hours on Netflix. The situation is no different on social media. Facebook and Instagram, whose number of users are increasing day by day, are among the platforms that are actively used by companies as well as individuals, and intense content sharing is carried out on both of them. The fact that a significant portion of hashtags are branded proves that Instagram can be used for business purposes. Twitter, another platform that supports 40 languages ​​and continues to grow, is preferred by an educated and knowledgeable audience compared to other social media platforms. As Team Knocknock, we are conducting a Digital Media – Social Media Study that will help you leave your mark in the digitalized world.


Digital Media – Our Social Media Services

As Team Knocknock, we plan advertising activities and create campaigns that can be implemented efficiently and effectively in all media. In order to maintain their activeness in social media, we help our customers to feed their social media accounts regularly, produce creative content and harmonize brand values ​​with social media. We consider that brands can easily become one of the topics of these platforms even if they are not on social media, and this situation can lead to an uncontrolled trend in terms of brand reputation. Therefore, we think that it would be beneficial to follow social media through programs compatible with brand policy and values. Within the scope of Digital Media – Social Media Study, we catch social media innovations and create gifs with videos and images as well as blog posts. We aim to maintain brand reputation and customer satisfaction by regularly monitoring our social media accounts and responding to incoming follower comments without delay. We offer social media accounts and campaigns, viral advertising and content production and management services within the framework of social media studies. With social media consultancy, we provide correct guidance on brand accounts and ensure effective use of social media. We work with bloggers and influencers so that you can convey your voice to the target audience in the fastest way possible, and ensure that the content that will promote your promotion is shared from these accounts or that these people participate in your events.

Online Brand Reputation and Digital PR

Creating a brand and making it known is a process that requires serious effort and time. In this process, we deal with your brand with a public relations focus and manage it in integrity with a team of experts in our company, which operates to support you in building your brand reputation. With the help of SEO-compatible images and texts, we ensure that your brand accounts are ranked higher by search engines.

The digital ecosystem enables brands to communicate effectively with users. However, this can lead to serious consequences that can damage the brand if page and campaign management is done uncontrollably. A negative approach that may occur on social media regarding any brand can spread in a very short time and cause a crisis in terms of brand reputation. As part of the Digital Media – Social Media Study, your social media accounts are regularly monitored by our experts and scenarios are created by predicting possible crises. In accordance with this, it is possible to prevent the occurrence and spread of the crisis by taking various measures. Since we have structured brand pages using different content strategies, we can turn potential crises into opportunities.

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