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Designs Reflecting Corporate Identity

Identity, which reflects an organization in the best way as a visual or audio communication tool and is the visible face of the company, finds its expression in the concept of corporate identity. Corporate identity is not an equivalent definition with the company logo, but is considered as a concept that includes purposes aimed at influencing target audiences. Since the corporate identity is in a way the signature of the organization, it should be prepared within the framework of the design rules. As Team Knocknock we carry out works that reflect your corporate identity within the framework of Graphic Design (Logo, Brochure, Magazine, Catalogue, etc.). In this way, we ensure that your organization is memorable in the eyes of the consumer and we help you gain new customers by easily reaching your target audience with effective advertising efforts. We support you to be one step ahead of your competitors by including catchy original graphics in the materials we prepare.


Graphic Design Processes

One of the best ways to visually convey a message or idea is to use graphic design. Graphics organize text and images in two or three dimensions, bringing them to a perceptible point. This creative process has two legs. One of them is digital media designs, and in such applications, various applications are carried out to be used in mail and mail signature designs, Word and excel designs, PowerPoint presentations and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. The other pillar of the process is the design of printed materials as Graphic Design (Logo, Brochure, Magazine, Catalogue, etc.). In this context, a series of design works are carried out from company logos to business cards, from letterheads to diplomat envelopes, from clamshell files to brochures, from catalogs to flyers, from book covers to notepads, from name badges to product boxes and packaging. As Team Knocknock, we create the most effective content to represent your institution in the graphic designs we have realized in the context of printed materials and increase your prestige before your target audience. You can request the logo design of your organization to be carried out by our expert team, or you can contribute to brand reputation and recognition by choosing our company for billboard designs used effectively in advertising management. We also prepare special designs to meet your demands in our company, where we undertake studies on printing and printing designs and magazine designs.

Holistic Designs Compatible with the Brand\

Applications made within the scope of graphic design are expressed as visual art in communication, and in this respect, it is of great importance to reach the result by paying attention to the design rules. Harmony in terms of direction and balance in the color transitions with the colors used in the prepared work, and ensuring the proportionality and visual integrity between the elements used in the work are the first things to be considered. Ultimately, what needs to be done is to ensure that the texts and images used together are an aesthetic whole worthy of the brand. This requires not only knowledge of computer programs, but also knowledge of color and imagination, which is the basis of an impressive design.

If you think that brand management should be carried out in the best way in all areas and you want the digital or printed materials you use to reflect this understanding, you are at the right place! Within the scope of Graphic Design (Logo, Brochure, Magazine, Catalogue, etc.), we prepare works that reflect your brand and that you can use in different media. We strengthen your communication channels with your target audience by emphasizing being recognizable with quality and aesthetics in graphic design. Within the scope of these studies, we convey the message you want to convey by using different objects and channels. By making use of a wide application area in graphic design,

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