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Visual effects (VFX) can be a confusing field. We are here to assist clear up any confusion and demonstrate how different VFX services can be applied to your production.

A digital image that has been created or altered by a VFX artist is what is meant by “visual effects” in its most basic sense. This can involve inventing something that is not possible in reality or enhancing real-world footage.

Our team can help with many VFX services such as:

  • Clean Up: Removing any unnecessary objects from the frame. This could include things, people, or other things.
  • Compositing: The VFX process’s final step, the compositor combines live-action footage with digital assets and CGI elements to create an integrated completely that looks flawless.
  • Beauty: Enhancing talent’s inherent beauty, our artists can work on intricate beauty tasks like clearing up the skin, getting rid of bags under the eyes, or eliminating blemishes.
  • Titling: In order to ensure that your titles adhere to brand rules, you should give them a uniform feel in terms of fonts, logos, colors, and placement.

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