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PR Consultant

What is a PR Consultant?

A public relations (PR) consultant is an advisor who businesses and public figures rely on to shape and improve their public image. They keep the public informed about their client’s interest by promoting business activities, organizing events and preparing promotional materials.

Businesses and public people who want to shape and enhance their public image rely on public relations (PR) consultants as their advisors. By promoting corporate endeavors, planning events, and creating promotional materials, they keep the public aware about the interests of their clients.

What do we offer?

  • Writing and editing press releases
  • Scheduling interviews and public appearances
  • Preparing speeches
  • Develop branding strategies
  • Advise on advertisements, content and social media
  • Help clients develop personal statements in response to events
  • Gather data about public perception and report it to the client

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Public Relations


Juli 14, 2017


Press Release (PR) & Media Consultancy