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What is Compositing?

Boring Part:

Compositing is the process of fusing two or more images together to look as one large image. On-set, in-camera composite work can be done, as well as post-production work. There are many different ways to composite photos, but one of the most popular methods involves positioning a weatherman in front of a green screen while the weather information is displayed behind them.

Techniques of Compositing:

  • Matting
  • CGI
  • Blue or Green Screen
  • Multiple Exposure

The Real Part:

What we offer?

You will receive professional compositing that raises the bar for your video, photo, or shot. With more than six years of experience working in a professional studio, we take great care in delivering 100% original work of the highest caliber. Our technique entails creating the appropriate material based on your branding for the intended audience while paying close attention to the creative workflow.

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