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Al. Solidarnosci 82a m.5, Warsaw-Poland

Berter Akyol

Art Consultant

Also known as “Black” in the industry (due to having a “Hard to pronounce name” in the many countries I have traveled/worked in): I have pretty much always been a sort of functional outcast that has been judged as a vagrant by some perspectives and rather sophisticated by others… but in the end; I have been blessed with the many opportunities to explore a wide range of disciplines enabling me to bring much more variety to the table.
Which is important since sometimes it takes the simplest steps to ameliorate a concept while sometimes it takes the most complex. And in most cases I am tasked with resolving complex issues into more digestible solutions.

I sincerely enjoy what I do/try to do; and I am fully aware that even though the most taxing stages may be the “production stage”: It is ensuring that our team fully grasps what you had envisioned for your product/s or brand.

Thus it basically always comes down to tailoring anything we know and are technically capable of; into what it is you may need.
And I so hope together with my team of such talents: to be successful in doing so every time.