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A step-by-step Guide on How to Use Facebook Ads!

Facebook ad types fall into three main categories. These ads, which you can view through Facebook Business Manager; awareness, evaluation and conversion. Users who prefer the brand awareness category as a marketing purpose have two options. There are two alternatives in this area, brand awareness or reach advertisements....

Design & Creativity

Identity, which reflects an organization in the best way as a visual or audio communication tool and is the visible face of the company, finds its expression in the concept of corporate identity....


SEO Services

SEO is one of the most frequently encountered words by those who are interested in the internet world. So what is this SEO and SEO service? SEO, in its most basic definition, means search engine optimization....

Digital Media & Social Media

A significant proportion of the population in the world uses the Internet and remains connected to the Internet for a large part of their daily life. Statistics obtained when examining online shopping sites, social media platforms or other websites point to the digitalizing side of the world....