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Author: Tunc Meric

Small businesses need to follow their unique marketing strategy in order to make a progress, because it differs from digital campanies in terms of their goals, sales, and advertisement strategies.

Local Branding Tactics for Your Small Business

Research your local community, Invest in a physical store brand identity and Represent your business on third-party apps and local publications. While your physical presence is important, statistics show that over 90% of people learn about new businesses online—even local businesses. Third-party applications like Yelp and Foursquare are imperative not only to your discoverability but how your brand is perceived....

Facebook marketing ads are undoubtedly help your business to be seen much more online, which results in a good way. This basic steps will help you to understand how ads system works on Facebook and how to apply them.

A step by step Guide on How to Use Facebook Ads!

Facebook ad types fall into three main categories. These ads, which you can view through Facebook Business Manager; awareness, evaluation and conversion. Users who prefer the brand awareness category as a marketing purpose have two options. There are two alternatives in this area, brand awareness or reach advertisements....