Team Knocknock

We are ready to have cooperation with you. In 21st Century, IT work is the most important part of any type of business. We want to connect your business to world with modern solutions.

Our Services

  • Website Development
  • Server/Hosting Services
  • Full Support On Your Website
  • SEO, Advertisement, Google AdWords and SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
  • Social Media Materials Management
  • Brand Identity
  • Promotional Video / Photography
  • Mobile Development / Integration / Optimisation
  • Marketing strategy

Our Team

Tunç Meriç
Batuhan Giray
Błażej Hejnrych
Cansu Güvener
Cenk Sezer
Fatih Güneş
Gizem Sezer
Kaan Duran
Salih Asadov
Taner Eyrice

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